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Anne Cleary & Denis Connolly

Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly both studied architecture in Dublin in the 1980s and moved to Paris in 1990, where they have lived and worked ever since. They abandoned architectural practice early, however, and turned their attention to the moving image.  They have directed and produced numerous video installations and experimental films, developing a personal language of expression where elements of performance rub shoulders with home movie, documentary and experimental film. Though their work takes many forms there is a single recurring theme ; the shifting boundary between art and life.

Over the last seven years they have been working on a large-scale multimedia project, The Boulevard, inspired by the specific urban environment in which we live. The Boulevard has been exhibited worldwide and has received several international awards. Recent exhibitions include the Yokohama Triennial, The Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris, the Prague National Gallery, the Limerick City Gallery of Art, and the W139 in Amsterdam.

For the In Context 3 residency program they are continuing their urban exploration. They see the work that they are doing in South Dublin County as a counterpoint and development to the work that they have already carried out in Paris. Having examined where they now live, they return to where they once lived. Their intention is to immortalize a moment in the changing life of the city through a contemporary multimedia creation. Over the two years that they are working in South Dublin County they are creating a series of digital works, which they call City Loops, using the notion of a journey through the city as a starting point.

Journeys through the city naturally take the form of loops, often beginning and ending at the same point, but varying in length and character - short walks, bicycle rides, bus, car and tram trips. Through these journeys they are dissecting and examining the city on a range of scales; works treating large scale urban transformation will evolve side by side with intimate documents revealing the accidental poetry of the city.  They have recently started to explore interactive technology in an attempt to take their work out of the museum into real places and contexts. They feel that 'The In Context residency will give us an opportunity to develop this side of our work and really take on the whole Art/Life question with which weve been struggling for many years. After all, if Paris a museum, what more real context could we get to work in than South Dublin County?'

For more on the City Loops Projects visit the Current Projects  pages

Visit Anne Cleary & Denis Connolly's website www.connolly-cleary.com

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