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The Life Of Saint Mary - Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly

LifeSaintMary1.jpgMultiscreen Video Installation
Year : 2007
Cleary and Connolly with the Children of Saint Mary’s Community School, Tallaght.
In Production

Between December and June, 24 schoolchildren from 6th class, St Mary’s National School, Tallaght, recorded their own individual CityLoop.

If we count 180 School days per year, each student will make the journey from his/her home to school 360 times a year and a total of 2160 times in the 6 years spent at Saint Mary’s Community School. These journeys weave a spiders web over the surrounding territory in all directions, all converging on a single point, the school yard.

LifeSaintMary2.jpgAnne and Denis worked in direct collaboration with the students, discussing and planning out the project in the class, demonstrating basic  techniques to the children and introducing them to simple editing techniques using two handycams and a macintosh computer. The material used was donated to the school at the end of the period..

These 24 films will provide material for a HD video installation which reflects the lives, experiences and concerns of a contemporary group of Dublin children through their everyday journeys in the city.

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