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In Context 2

The second phase of In Context, 1999-2003, continued the accomplishments of In Context 1.  It was the largest local authority art commissioning programme of its time, and has subsequently been held as a model of good practice in Public Art programming. 

Through In Context 2, South Dublin County Council, advised by consultants Artworking, delivered a diverse series of projects in a range of art forms.  This provided both emerging and established artists with an opportunity to engage with the community and to incorporate art into the public domain in new and interesting ways.



Stephen Gardner, Tallaght [Chiaroscuro]

A musical composition which was inspired by the atmospheric moods of the Tallaght area.




Mark Cullan and Brian Duggan, Short Shorts

A digital filmmaking project where the artists facilitated the production of eight short films through workshops for young people in Killinarden.




Michael McLoughlin, Ideal Homes

An installation and sound work, based on the theme of 'home', and done in collaboration with members of Kimmage Manor Way Travelling community.



Lia Mills, Loose Horses

A collaborative literary project that resulted in the publication of eight short stories by residents of South Dublin County and invited authors.

Further information can be obtained at http://homepage.eircom.net/~loosehorses



Michael Minnis, Killinarden

A lightbox installation piece for Killinarden Athletics Club, which followed an extensive photographic project involving members of Killinarden Athletics Club.




Alan Phelan, Three Stories

A docu-drama project with the local community, involving the re-interpretation and re-enactment on film of shared concerns and issues experienced by the local residents who participated in the project.

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Stephen Gardner Tallaght [Chiaroscuro] Pallas Studio, June 2000



Mark Cullan and Brian Duggan, Short Shorts



Michael McLoughlin Ideal Homes Parish Hall, Kimmage Manor Way



Lia Mills Loose Horses Short Story Leaflet edition 1 of 8



Michael Minnis Images from Killinarden



Alan Phelan Three Stories

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