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Films, Books & New Media

In Context 3 Documentary
Directed and Produced by Enda McNally
Available to view on In Context 3 YouTube Channel
Artists and film maker Enda Mac Nally was commissioned to create short documentary style films about the In Context 3 artists as Film maker in Residence November/December 2008 as part of the Mediation strand of the programme.Enda is an artist and filmmaker, he has recently graduated from The National College Of Art and Design, Dublin. read more..

'Moving Dublin - Cleary + Connolly'
Edited by Anne Cleary and Denis Connolly
2008, Published by Gandon Editions in association with South Dublin County Council
Available from Gandon Editions, Kinsale and good art bookshops
gandon@eircom.net This is the premiere of a major new work; at once a filmic essay about contemporary Dublin, and a collection of photographs, essays and video works beautifully produced in a new hard cover edition.

“A million everyday journeys course through the veins of Dublin, giving it life (or poisoning it?). These journeys range in scale and rhythm from the incessant flow of motorway traffic through the familiar trundling of a local bus journey right down to an early morning stroll around the block with the dog. This profusion of intersecting paths gives the place its form, carving roads, highways and public spaces. The impact of these journeys transforms lives, changes the face of the city, and resonates on a planetary level. For two years we moved around Dublin in every way possible : by car, taxi, bus, tr ain, tram, bicycle and on foot. We met scores of Dubliners, and recorded dozens of personal accounts of moving through the city. We amassed a treasure trove of documents: video, photographs, interviews, sounds, stories. The result is Moving Dublin; a road movie, a picture book, and many other things. Above all Moving Dublin is a homage to the city that Lady Morgan once called her dear dirty Dublin.” -- Cleary & Connolly, Moving Dublin, April 2009

Edited by Jennifer Walshe
2009, Published in by Project Press in association with South Dublin County Council
Available from (Info here ) (Info on book here )

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